Sunday, February 17, 2008

Picking a Donor Based on Their Silhouette ?

I saw online this evening that Fairfax Cryobank is now offering donor silhouettes. Based on the celebrity silhouettes I don't think many couples will truly use this as a determining factor but you never know.

I guess it seems unlikely but who knows maybe if someone looked at a profile and saw the donor had a nose or jaw line that protruded too much / too little perhaps they would rethink that donor but who knows.

Based on the below silhouette profiles I am not sure I would have chosen any of these guys despite now knowing their celebity pedigree. Also it is me or does the Tom Cruise profile look like scary old man?

I may be opening up a can of worms but somehow this topic made me think of this very funny People for Ethical Treatment of Animals ad:


Bea said...

Goes to show how much a person's profile truly correlates with how attractive you think they are when you see their whole face. There may be some photoshopping of friends and family in my future...

I can see the point in maybe using the profile to match the donor with the looks of the parent, though, but definitely not as sharp a tool as I would have imagined, by the celeb examples.


Somewhat Ordinary said...

That is interesting! I used Fairfax and I probably would have looked at it if it was free (heck I just tried to go look at my donor's), but I would never pay for it or make it a deciding factor in why I would choose someone!

Unknown said...


In comparing this to the PETA ad: I've always liked that, at least nominally, my genes were controlled to make me somehow "better" than my forebears. I mean, it was controlled evolution at work.

At my conception, the clinic predicted my height to within an inch. I mean... they had something, right?