Thursday, March 20, 2008

Meeting Their Half Sibling - Again

Tomorrow we drive South so the kids can spend the weekend with their half sibling. We are staying at their house and the kids are real excited. Tonight was Purim so the kids were up later than usual and we are hoping that does not throw their schedule out of whack. Big day of driving and hopefully the kids are good. Exciting stuff.


Bea said...

Have a great trip! (You've probably left already, so hoping the thought reaches you, at any rate... wherever you are...)


Unknown said...

Is the 1/2 sibling also from a Jewish family? Does this make the bond -- between the kids & families -- feel stronger (or less intense, if they are not Jewish)?

DI_Dad said...

Yes the 1/2 sibling's family is also Jewish. I guess the answer is in flux as time will only tell for the kids to answer that question. Certaonly from my point of view it adds more to the relationship as we all celebrate the same holidays and share the same traditions.

The donor was also Jewish and ethnically his background is about as close to mine as possible. At this point in time most Jewish Americans of Ashkenazie (East European) descent share the same basic customs.

Janet Spiegel said...

This is wonderful. My daughter was also the result of a sperm donor -- also Jewish-- and we've "met" electronically all EIGHT of my daughter's half-siblings. We also met two half-siblings in person and continue relationships with them. My mom has recently published a book "Cryo Kid:Drawing a New Map" that takes a really interesting look at the changing family with assisted reproduction. Looking forward to your continued posts. Great blog.

Philip Lee said...

wow, I am encouraged by the spirit of your blog and the bloggers here. The love you share is most commendable!

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Unknown said...

I'm back, Eric. I'm sure you've missed me greatly, or don't even remember who I am.

You know, I almost envy your children's apportunity to meet other kids conceived with their donor's sperm. I'd like to meet someone from my donor, see what traits come down that side of the genetic line.