Thursday, July 31, 2008

Looking for NYC Metro Area Parents of Donor Conception Conceived Children - Are You Out There?

How many of you are from the NYC Tri-State area?

Would you consider getting together for a picnic in Central Park with your family?

If enough individuals are interested I would love to make such a gathering happen.


Information regarding a possible NYC Gathering will be focused on a new Yahoo Discussion Group I created today and my existing related blog Donor Conception - New York.


Vinnie said...

Sounds appealing to me and I'd make an effort to attend. -- Vinnie, a "DI Dad" in Floral Park

Julia said...

When I read your inquiry it made me realize how many opportunities I've had as a SMC to get together with other DI families that aren't available to couples.

I live in the Princeton, NJ area but would make every effort to attend.


DI_Dad said...

I have actually never met another DI Dad face to face. Living in Manhattan I know several single moms by choice and a number of lesbian couples who have kids via DI but finding heterosexual couples to openly discuss and meet has appeared virtually impossible.

So far I have better luck finding a duck billed platypuss at the Central Park Zoo.

Vinnie said...

I work in Manhattan (by the courthouses) and would gladly meet for lunch during the week; but finding time outside of work is almost impossible because my wife, my toddler, and I commute together to and from Long Island every day. Your weekend picnic idea is also good because it doesn't involve giving up any family time, so I will keep my eyes open for that. Did you get my email a few weeks ago? -- Vinnie

DI_Dad said...

Vinnie -

I am up in East Midtown above Grand Central but I can get down your way for a lunch. Not sure I saw the email. Saw all the comments here on the recent posts. To my Yahoo or gmail address?

- Eric

Vinnie said...

Lunch at 14th Street would be a good midpoint, one stop on the 4/5 for me and one for you. I sent the email to your yahoo some weeks back. I'll see if I can find it to resend, but nothing major in there. -- Vinnie