Monday, September 08, 2008

Spouses of DI Dads - "New" Yahoo Group

Not sure how I missed this but apparently last year a spouse dealing with her husband's male factor infertility started a Yahoo Discussion Group titled "Spouses of DI_Dads". Her opening post stated the following reason for its creation:

"I have started this group becauseI needed a place to go where I can talk to other spouses who are dealing with the effects of trying to support somebody through the difficult aspect of DI. I have that there are not many groups that are dealing with the every day aspect of DI and the effects that it might have on a marriage.

I hope this group helps people who may be in the same situation as I am and are very confused, scared, and angry about what infertility is doing to their marriage and their future possibility of children."

I wish this "new' group luck as I think it can be a very valuable resource for women in marriages / relationships with men who are experiencing male factor infertility especially since while it is the man who may be infertile or unable to have kids etc it is the woman who has to go through a larger portion of the medical treatments while still trying to cope hereself while they both struggle to process what donor conception is etc.

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Vinnie said...

I'm going to show my wife the group, but her position is mostly that if I'm OK with it, it doesn't mean much to her (she's genetically related after all, and her work's done, and our boy is fine, so what's not to like). So she may not be very interested. Eric -- we should get pizza one day soon. Maybe around 14th Street since it's half way. I'll email you or vice versa -- I think October is pretty open. This month I'm generally busier than I will be in October, but available if it's better for you than October.