Monday, September 15, 2008

Donor Conception New York

In my quest to find other donor conceived children and families here in the NYC area it was asked of me whether a gathering sponsored by Donor Conception New York would be open to donor conceived adults to which my response was of course that it would be.

While many of my posts have discussed finding families to develop a local network with the concept and focus being the future of my kids the truth is that without that network being comprised of kids and adults from every age (and their families) such a network would lose out on the experiences of its members.

In the short term Donor Conception New York (the blog and yahoo group) are I hope vehicles to start and find new connections and work torwards a gathering or series of gatherings in late 2008 or most likely in 2009 in the NYC area. As to what the long term holds I cannot say as we first must see if the short term can be a reality.

The initial interest was encouraging but trying sustain that interest and find individuals is the greater trick. So if you are donor conceived or part of a donor conceived family here in the NYC area please say hello.


. said...

There are thirty-seven inherited illnesses in new-borns that need the two biological parents on hand for check-ups and/or cures, making donating egg and sperm a dangerous ideal to promote - someone's got to be unlucky!

Vinnie said...

People die in auto accidents, so it would really be best for everyone if we would all just stop driving. MAybe we shouldn't even go outside, in fact, because you could get West Nile. Come to think of it, if you stay inside you might touch something that causes cancer, or there could be radon gas somewhere. Dang, maybe we should all just kill ourselves now and get it over with. Seriously, though, nobody "promotes" donating eggs and sperm as an "ideal". It is a solution to a problem, and it goes without saying that people would rather not have the problem in the firs tplace. But if you think the problem of not being able to father a child is not worth solving, or if you have some religious objection not based on any articulable scientific reason, then just say so. You might not convince anyone not to have a family, but maybe that's because your position isn't very compelling. But you're sure as heck not going to convince anyone they don't want to have a family by warning them that kids get sick!