Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Holidays 2010, Welcome 2011

A few random thoughts....

Life these past 18 months has been anything but predictable or where I expected to be but nonetheless it is where I am and from where I must continue. My children are well and within the last 12 months plus gotten the chance to see each of their half siblings.

I have begun writing a bit again and hope to do so with more regularity. I expect to shut down my other blog (non DI related) as I no longer have the desire to keep it going.

I am so very tired but expect part of that is adjusting to the holidays. DI is not in any way a focus to my life these days but I still wonder what it will mean to my kids and for that reason will never walk away from the issue or this blog. When I have time again I hope to again increase my involvement with the issue.

In the past two weeks I opened the question on the DI Dads Yahoo Group of creating a Facebook page which would act as a link to the Yahoo Group encouraging those men looking for support to say hello and join. Due to continuing fears and issues surrounding facebook privacy and security the Yahoo group members asked me to not create such a page for fear of parties making their way into the group looking to cause trouble or exploit the information they would learn. It is a shame as I really would like to promote the group and find more men who could use the support.

One Yahoo group member came up with the simple idea of creating business cards advertising the group which would be dropped off at local fertility clinics. It is an idea I have had for years but never acted upon. It is a good idea and I thank the member for suggesting it. I woujdl expand the idea to also drop off the cards with local in/fertilty practitioners and/or therapists who could give the cards to men they meet in their practices who could benefit from the support.

I am looking forward to 2011. I wish you all a happy holiday season and happy New Year !


Bea said...

Definitely good ideas. It's hard to maintain a balance between getting word out and keeping things private.

Have a great 2011!


Leigh said...

Eric that is a great idea about making some cards and mailing to fertility clinics. So many times when we were struggling with infertility and making the decision to use DI, I as a woman had support groups online, but my husband did not.
Another idea would be to alert RESOLVE to the group and see if they would be willing to help link people to the group as well. It would help get the word out on a national level as well about the group.