Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Just checking in - Feb 2011

Had a play date with friends who have two children conceived via DI this past weekend. They have not registered their kids on the Donor Sibling Registry and we talked about it a bit. We also talked about what the kids know, differences in interest between first and second born children. No Earth shattering realizations. Just normal chit chat.

On the Yahoo discussion group we have had a few threads going about when it is time to stop trying to use DI. A comment was posted this evening regarding continuing relationships with our non-bio children subsequent to divorce. I had been contacted by a producer looking for background info regarding a news show which will focus on DI and they wanted to make sure they had background info from DI Dads' point of views. There was some discussion of that on the group site.

A month or so back there was an active thread on the Yahoo discussion group where the consensus was to not create an info only Facebook page pointing folks to the Yahoo group for fear of opening the group up to crazies, to ending our anonymity, and a few other reasons. Amusing this was this week. I noted that one Yahoo group member, who I am not even sure saw that thread, linked on Facebook the blog post that immediately precedes this one about Paper Dads and divorce.

We have a friends child's Bat Mitzvah in two months in Philly where we may get to have lunch with T, my children's half sibling, who lives in Maryland. She and her mom may drive North and meet us which would be great as the kids have not seen each other since December 2009. My kids just saw Z, their other half sibling from Colorado, this past December 2010.


Richard said...


The facebook question is an interesting one. I have a number of friends who are interested in all DI related issues. My own family takes an interest in them for obvious reasons.

We might be a members only yahoo group, but we're still a public forum. The balance between privacy and making ourselves known as a support group for men using DC is a fine one to keep.

And some of our stories, like that one, are of real interest and importance. Overall, I think we do pretty well.


Bea said...

Nice to see an update! I don't know if you decided to participate in that article, but good luck with it if you did. he privacy issue is always a fine line.


DI_Dad said...

Producers are doing a piece of the DSR and other donor conception issues. The divorce issue was totally separate.