Sunday, February 27, 2011

Newsweek Story re Site

Newsweek article title: "Donor-Conceived and Out of the Closet"

There is an article in this week's Newsweek which focuses on the website which is an "online story collective for donor-conceived people, their families, donors, and medical professionals."

It is an interesting site and well worth reading. There are a couple of interesting stories posted by dads like myself. I must admit I am wondering if I know one of the two dads who contributed stories. Neither is me.

What I like about the site is there are plenty of opinions and positions taken but the site is not hitting you over the head, pushing one specific opinion or position regarding donor conception. It's there but again not being pushed in your face.

I like it as it is another venue for individuals to lean and share.


Vinnie said...

RE: Although the site administrator has a definite position, it is laudable that she encourages (or at least tolerates) the posting of stories that reflect a variety of viewpoints. This can provide a great window into the many issues someone familiar with donor conception (from whatever angle) may encounter.

Ryan said...

So, Eric, I haven't been posting recently... because I forgot. I didn't forget about your blog, really, or about you... I forgot about the whole donor-conception thing, haven't even thought about being conceived that way.

Isn't that odd?

DI_Dad said...

No problem Ryan!