Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hurricane Irene - Shared Connections and Concerns

In the past 12 hours I have been trading e-mails and Facebook posts with each mom to my children's two known half siblings. Nice feeling that we are all concerned about each other.

T apparently was hoping the hurricane would knock out power in their mid-Atlantic state so that she would get to use her flashlights. Z is out West so luckily his family did not have to deal with all this.

My own two kids had been set up to sleep in their mom's walk in closet but J felt to enclosed so he slept in the dining area of the living room to stay away from his bedroom windows. J laughed when he heard T wanted the power to go out. He did not want that as he wanted his TV.

My younger child lost her second big tooth during this storm. Supposedly the tooth fairy made an appearance at my old apartment (after I sent this image to their mom that we use to convey the congratulatory wishes of TF with today's "quarter dollar plus").

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Bea said...

Good to have people to care about each other through the storms. Metaphorical ones too, I guess!