Monday, August 29, 2011

Sperm Donation Google Ad vs Opinion Piece

I admit I don't read all the articles out there anymore regarding donor conception. For some reason I linked to the above opinion piece titled "Our Selfish Creation of Human Life" which was run back on August 5th in the Sydney Morning Herald. Certainly it was the article's title that drew me in. The intent and direction of the piece and the writer's position are quite evident from the get go.

What made me laugh was the placement of the Google Ad below the headline and before the article's text. Double click the image to enlarge it if you have to.

It may not be the same ad if you link through now but it will probably be on the same topic. I am sure the writer would have been disgusted by this placement as it works against the piece. Or maybe it doesn't. Getting paid $1,200 a month is nothing to laugh at but here I could do nothing else. I just found it very funny. Even though it is clearly not a subject to laugh it. I am sorry but I did anyway.


damianhadams said...

Sometimes we need to use humour to deal with certain issues. For me I wouldn't have been laughing, but I can certainly see the irony. Google certainly has a way with creating such ironic advertisements.

DI_Dad said...

@Damian - I can appreciate your not laughing. Ironic is a better description of the Google ad placement. Thanks for checking in.

Bea said...

Google ads has such an innocent sense of humour sometimes. It just sees the buzzwords, I guess.