Friday, September 02, 2011

Art/Commentary - Mobile Sperm Bar Seeks Donors

The blog "Gothamist" in here in NYC reports today the following:

"Later this month, a mobile "SpermBar" will hit the streets of NYC, setting up on Museum Mile to offer delicious non-alcoholic cocktails made by Cristian Molina, who does the exceptional cocktails at Rouge Tomate. The SpermBar is an edible interactive art installation by French artist Prune Nourry, who says her work is "inspired by the commoditization of human reproduction and the ‘customer satisfaction’ culture." It sounds like an amusing project, but lovers of semen-infused beverages beware: the mocktails won't actually contain sperm! Oh, these "conceptual" artists and their confusing "happenings"... "

Link here for the balance of the blog posting. Interesting mix of art and commentary. On top of everything else I have explained to my children I don't expect I will go anywhere near this cart with them as I don't want to discuss what this cart is trying to say. Can't even imagine how one would start. The possibility of a child asking if this is where his donor contributed is not an image I want.

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Bea said...

Ok... I think I understand it better after reading the link.

I don't know. Do you get bored with this type of commentary or is it just me at this particular point? I guess it is less personal to me, so maybe you're not bored. It just seems like there's not much new to say here?