Thursday, September 15, 2011

What Does Our Donor Think about 150 Offspring?

Lately with the two main donor stories currently hitting the media about upwards of 150 offspring or the Ben Seisler story about him having over 70 donor conceived offspring I am wondering what our donor thinks of all this?

If he knows his donor number he would see there are only four kids registered as having been born from his donation. I am guessing he would then sigh with possible relief. He must be in his mid thirties by now at least. I wonder if he is married did he ever tell his spouse he donated sperm? Guessing if he has kids they probably have no clue. But he must wonder if there are more out there. Does this scare him?

Seisler himself seems so far amused by it all and not overwhelmed, yet. Apparently Ben Seisler's fiance was told and from I saw on the news she is a bit concerned if all these kids start coming around looking for her husband. Seisler's story is being told as part of a documentary titled "Style Exposed: Sperm Donor,’’ which airs Sept. 27 on the Style network.

So far our four siblings, my two plus their two KNOWN half-sibs seem content with just each other as they each live in their own little worlds not even thinking about each other day to day. What their donor thinks about all this will remain a mystery.

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