Friday, September 30, 2011

Requesting the Cryobank to Contact the Donor (Again)

With all the recent news coverage regarding donor conception I have become curious again about our donor and wondering if he also has been noticing the recent news stories and wondering whether he'd be open to agreeing to contact with the children once they turn 18. His donation had been an anonymous donation with no provisions for identification or contact at any point

A number of years ago I requested the cryobank we used to try to contact the donor and ask a couple of questions. One question I had was regarding the donor's religious background. The cryobank made contact and the donor answered as best he could with the info he knew of his family.

I am curious to ask the cryobank to contact the donor again and whether he would agree or be interested in converting, under the cryobank's auspices, from a completely anonymous donor to a donor ID status where he would be open to contact once any of the kids turns 18 and initiates contact. It may be that the cryobank would not even ask my question but I am curious to ask.

Before I do though I need to discuss this with my children's mom and the mothers of their half siblings. I am curious for their reactions to. I am just thinking with the recent news coverage, the Donor Unknown documentary and the new Style exposed episode perhaps the donor might be receptive to the idea. For all I know neither of the 4 children will even care but it is an opportunity I am thinking should be taken so it's there when and if they want it.


Jessica White said...

We haven't asked this yet of our cryobank, but I know someday I will. At the very least I will do what I can to help our children find out whatever info they can.

It doesn't hurt to try.

Bea said...

You can only ask. It certainly does sound like a pertinent time, with the press and everything. Assuming, of course, all the others you need to consult are in agreement.