Thursday, October 20, 2011

Participating in Web Chat re "Donor Unknown" Today

As I noted earlier in the week I will be participating in a web chat today to coincide with the premier of the documentary "Donor Unknown" on PBS website Independent Lens.

This movie is an interesting contrast to the Style Network: Sperm Donor as it involves involves young adult donor conceived individuals making contact with their donor Jeffrey, California Cryobank Donor 150. When the Sperm Donor show involved little kids. The two donors profiled in each program could not be more different.

The chat is scheduled to start at 1pm EST in real time. I am still unsure if it is being broadcast in real time or not. Probably a delay of some sort for editing etc.

UPDATE: Post Web Chat

The text of the web chat can be found HERE. Scroll down the page. It was an interesting experience. I really need to learn how to type faster. Good panel and very interesting discussion. Very glad to have participated.

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Bea said...

Just had a flick through. Well done!