Thursday, June 27, 2013

Another Half Sibling?

Traded emails last night with one of the moms of our two known half siblings. It appears that on the sibling registry maintained by the cryobank there may be a listing for another sibling we were not aware of. 

I had not seen this sibling on the Donor Sibling Registry but then again I have not logged in there in a while. Thought there I had set up an auto email when siblings were added. 

Interesting if true but why would a parent post on the cryobank registry and not the DSR?



Somewhat Ordinary said...

I posted on the cryobank's board and not DSR. I hadn't been on either site in about 2 1/2 years and for some reason went on both last week. Our donor had no known pregnancies until I reported and for 3 years I only knew of 1 other couple with boy/girl twins born 6 months after my son who are listed on both sites. As of last week there are no more listed on DSR, but our cryobank now has 4 more children listed and one is a month older than my 5 year old son. That couple didn't even report until last year. Makes we wonder how many are out there that aren't reported. Also, seems to me at least for our donor that people are using the cryobank's forum more than DSR. I honestly have no reason why I chose to list on the cryobank's site rather than the DSR. I plan on listing on bothe at some point, I suppose, but made decision a few years ago that I wasn't sure where I stood about meeting the other families so I let it lie for a bit. I was shocked when the number jumped from 3 half siblings to 7.

Vinnie said...

Wow -- I did not even ask our cryobank if they had a registry. I kind of thought that their general business model was to keep things as anonymous as possible and to discourage knowledge among all parties. Now I figure I should at least ask. We found two half sibs on the DSR several years ago, one of which we have become friendly with and see once a year, the other of which just listed there to collect info from other families so they would know who we are without revealing themselves to us (very frustrating -- they should not have listed there!).

Cryo-Kid said...

I found out about the DSR at a young age (offspring speaking!) but did not know that my cryobank had its own messaging forum set up. Many families still do not know about the DSR apparently. A woman at the cryobank was able to tell me that my donor was capped at 15-20 births (per regulation) but WHAT WAS GREAT was that she told me that 9 other children had been reported as live births over the years. Sometimes, all it takes is a phone call and a polite tone of voice.