Tuesday, September 18, 2018

ICSI can pass on Male Factor Infertility

The following text is from a tweet posted by @Damian_H_Adams

"It is sad that male infertility is often overlooked. Previously it was primarily donor sperm which does nothing to solve his infertility. ICSI does not treat the cause and can potentially pass on male factor infertility to the next generation."

ICSI for those now aware of the procedure is when viable sperm are harvested from an otherwise infertile man via a biopsy procedure and the sperm are injected directly into a woman's eggs. The resulting zygote / embryo will then be implanted or released into the woman's uterus with the hope of implantation.  As stated above if the man suffers from male factor infertility it is quite possible the resulting male child may inherit that same condition.

It is very true but many feel donor conception is a cure for infertility. If anything it just side steps the problem and creates many new issues for the individual created that they will have to deal with.

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