Friday, September 06, 2019

Infertility & Social Media - The Rise of Male Factor Social Media

Fifteen years ago I used to follow a lot of blogs dealing with infertility. At that time it was rare to see a male factor blog discussing infertility issues. There were a handful at best. 

Today it’s better but still rare. Then again today I am not searching them out as I was then. Even then I was not so much dealing directly with infertility as we had two kids. I was writing about my life trying to figure out what I meant to be dad and my responsibility to these kids. 

But when I come across a male factor oriented social media site especially one expecting a kid via donor sperm it pricks up my interest to learn more and probably to offer advice before it’s asked for. Sorry. Occupational hazard after so many years. 

My apologies in advance for my unproffered comments or info.  


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