Friday, September 06, 2019

Why are women so mean to infertile women?

Tonight I read this great article by Amy Klein addressing issues that infertile women go through. 

Upon reading it I tweeted the following two comments:

My Exwife dealt with some of this even thought it was I who was infertile. Choosing #DonorConception via #donorsperm was not easy for anyone. My DI Dad blog still gets negative comments even when I no longer actively post there.

Amy's article informs readers that while both men and women must face societal pressures regarding #infertility, women undergo society's backlash even where it's their male partners who are infertile. Society today seems set up to be critical of women. 

Men and women address infertility in different ways. We process stress and societal expectations differently.  Men tend to bottle it up and don't look for outlets discuss their pain. Women look for outlets but often are derided when in a forum that is not geared for positive help.  It's not an easy topic. 

Read the article whatever gender you are it's worth reading. 

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