Sunday, January 12, 2020

Not Stepping into This

Saw this on Twitter and became curious. The Fathers4Justice Group seems to be a group in the UK that promotes father’s rights. Not donor conception related but more legal divorce / separation related but with the goals that fathers have rights and kids should grow up with a dad in the picture. The Viva Sperm group appears from their Twitter page be associated with the concept of women having free access to sperm for creating families. 

Not stepping into that argument today.  But a sample of what shows up in my Twitter feed.  

I love my kids. I would fight to be in their lives.  My exwife and I together chose a donor and here we are years later. 

The issue above is whether single moms are denying their child access to living a life without a dad as part of it. The father in Cheryl case donated his sperm either altruistically or not, we don’t know, but chose to not be part of the life they may help to create.  I don’t think most donors have a true appreciation of what the resulting children and later adults will think about the conception stories. What these individuals will feel they are cut off from. They see the short game. They are simply either helping create a family or they needed the cash with no thought to the long view as to how it affects the individual created. 

I said I was not getting into the above but here I said two cents I did not expect to contribute. 

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