Saturday, May 23, 2020

Creation and Family

The issues that concern both parents and donor conceived individuals all revolve around creation and family.  

For parents it is the drive to start and raise a family.  For the donor conceived it may be how could and why did their parents use a sperm or egg donor and who is this family that is beyond their reach.  And why would this missing genetic parent give them up.  Why would they donate their gametes.

On social media platforms parents start off posting regarding hope and wishes.  Donor conceived individuals publish either posts asking why or perhaps about siblings they have found.  These are oversimplifications and are not stated to make light of anyone's story.

The communities we have access to in the USA are primarily virtual, internet based communities.  Communication and contact is primarily on line and behind a wall that allows positive and negative reactions that elicit equally strong reactions.

I have always been jealous of the in person dynamic of the UK Donor Conception Network.  I would love to sit and have everyone in rooms together discussing issues and feelings.

I had lunch earlier this year, pre pandemic, with two other DI dads like myself.  It was a great experience to get together and just say hello.  Both guys are named Vincent and one I had already met a few times over the years as he is also here in NYC.  The second Vincent was down from Canada.  I have blogged about this meeting before.  At least I think I did.

I enjoy speaking with individuals, learning, discussing these topics as I want to help more than I have.  In truth we are all one family.  The pandemic has taught us that.  I just want everyone to help each other.  Creation and family.  A lot to think about.

Pardon me for today's rambling.

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