Friday, April 30, 2021

Sides of the Circle. Understanding Donor Conception.

I am still here. I am just mostly over there. On Instagram.

My focus is still on my children. Working to be a good Dad. To recognize it's not about me. That realization came long ago. Trying to help others with questions they may have. I can't say I am pro DC or that I am anti DC. I understand the feelings on all sides of this circle. It is sides of a circle as for so many it still is a raw reaction that makes people want to see things as black and white. It either is a bad thing or it's a wonderful thing. In truth it's a thing that has many sides of a circle in that we need to recognize each other's feelings and you can't really expect someone to make a 90 degree turn and get it. It takes time and gradual course corrections and points of understanding. The slow curve of a circle.

I am today as I found myself in 2005 working from the middle. I got knocked here quickly at that Toronto Conference hosted by Diane Allen where I met so many wonderful people. Diane of course. Wendy and Ryan Kramer. Olivia Montuschi. And several others including Jo and Rebecca that allowed me to see differing experiences. Jarringly so for a youngish dad of 41.

So today I am here in the middle or rather continuing around the sides of this circle. Still learning. Still listening. Trying to help or explain nuances where I can.

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