Tuesday, May 11, 2021

2006 Video re This DI Dad’s Fears

Fears in 2006. 

Back in 2006 when my #donorconceived children were still small, four and under, I contributed this video to a fledgling #internationalinfertilityfilmfestival  organized by Melissa Ford aka #StirrupQueens repping the #donorconception side of TTC and #RecipientParents, although that phrase was not yet in vogue.  I did not know what to submit.  I think this was my second entry.  I simply read a chapter I had written and contributed to the #VoicesofDonorCobception book edited by #MikkiMorrisette jointly with the #DonorSiblingRegistry.  I had only been publicly  in this world for a year or so.  And as my kids were young my fears still present in my day to day life raising them as 1/2 of a married couple.

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twirlgrrl said...

Thank you for your continued focus on the wellbeing of the offspring of donor conception.