Monday, October 30, 2006

Two Hopeful Dads: A Donor Egg and Gestational Surrogate Story

no. 284

When two men who are partners want to start a family the process is a lot more complicated than that of two women who use DI to start their family. The links below are to magazine length articles which started in this past weekend's Los Angeles Times. The arrticles are part of a multi part series following the story of the two featured men.

Sunday 10/29: The Journey Begins: Ready to be dads, but they're going to need help

Monday 10/30: Trying to make a baby: Shots, eggs, embryos and a big dose of hope

All I can add is that I can't imagine going through the process these men go through to have biological kids. As I have said in the past I wonder if the non-biological parent shares many of the emotions that DI Dads like myself do. I envision they must.

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DEMummie said...

Hey DI Dad!! I love your blog. Mostly because you delve into the DC arena much more deeply than I do.
I have several gay friends, and I would consider being a gestational surrogate for them. I guess I look at it as, I needed help having children, and got that help, shouldn't I pay it forward a bit? My uterus works.... just my eggs suck.
Thanks for highlighting this point of view in donor conception.