Saturday, March 03, 2007

Competing Donor Conception Projects

I am competing with myself for my time. By the end of March I need to have written my own essays for the next book in the Voices of Donor Conception series. This volume is focusing on the DI Dads and men considering DI. Yes, we have started the book.

The second project competing for my time is my submission to the International Infertility Film Festival. I have not truly nailed down my premise for my submission. I know it should address MFI and Donor Insemination / Conception but how is my issue and what message am I to send. Do I need a message? Perhaps not. I can't speak from one of the pain of TTC as I am no longer at that point.

I tried filming a short series of comments the other night as my submission but close ups of me after midnight is only a view my wife should be stuck with. And what I was saying sounded preachy. I need to write and film something closer to home.

As for the book we are shooting for a June publish date, hopefully in time for Father's Day and also leave time prior to that date for some publicity of the volume.

I plan to invest my own money in this project, although my wife is not thrilled, even though we have many other expenses ahead of us including school for our son for next year. Another topic altogether but it's a real possibility he is going to Day School if I can figure how to swing it even with the discounted rate the school is offering. Discounted but not free by any means. Again another topic. We have 10 days to accept their offer.

Should be an interesting and stressful month.


Bea said...

Sending you vibes for a bolt of inspiration on both fronts - the kind that takes hold of you and won't let go until the projects are complete, and looking/sounding much better than you'd dared to hope.


ColourYourWorld said...

We didn't realise how much time the film was going to take. But once you get started you can't stop.

Good Luck with your projects.

LorMarie said...

Sounds like you've got some pretty interesting projects going. I'd love to check out the film.