Saturday, September 15, 2007

The Left Handed Gene Did Not Come From Me

Last week I took my son and his two grandfathers to a New York Mets game. Like many 5 year olds his attention span is not that long especially for topics he is not totally enthralled by. This being his second baseball game in his life he was more interested in the food. The kid scarfed down a hot dog, popcorn, cotton candy and ice cream and he was not sick. If he did get sick it would be my fault (per his mother) for all three adults succumbing to his suckering us into buying him all that "food".

Anyhow between eating and mildly paying attention to the game he spent much of his time writing down the names of subway and LIRR stations into his speckle covered composition notebook. My dad was amazed that his grandson was a lefty. He commented that in generations of of our family there has never been a lefty. I reminded him that those generations stopped with me and the other granddad (my father-in-law) was a lefty. He replied that you can "inherit" being a lefty? It was all said in fun and I felt no pain.

I just hope that this kid's handwriting will improve. But I have yet to meet a lefty whose handwriting is really that neat. Poor kid.


Rebecca said...

You have a great blog... But as a (neat!) leftie I must complain. Here is my neat lefthanded writing :)

Richard said...

Nothing wrong with lefties Eric. Being left handed was my number 1 criteria for our donor (sadly I don't believe that he was).

Hope you guys are all well.

Take care,


Rachel Inbar said...

My mom's a leftie and her writing is beautiful. She did calligraphy for many years as well... I wish I wrote as nicely as she does (and I'm a rightie).