Thursday, September 27, 2007

Mo Rocca 180: Whose Your Sperm Donor Daddy?

Comedian Mo Rocca posted the below text and video on his site:

There's a sperm bank-ruptcy crisis in America right now. The AP reports: "A ban on sperm from all European countries with exposure to mad cow disease means U.S. sperm banks are running low." The ban includes sperm from 30 countries.

So American women are facing narrower choices. As The New York Post put it:

"Couples who once hoped to purchase samples from square-jawed, strapping Norsemen living in Lillehammer will have to settle for locksmiths, bartenders and struggling writers from less exotic locales, such as Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, Rego Park, Queens, and Hackensack, N.J."

Given the increasingly limited options, how would you answer the questions we posed to New York's women...

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Bea said...

Not a bad laugh. I can't believe anyone would choose car-jacker over cat-burgler.