Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Meeting Another DI Child

My son does not realize it yet but he has a classmate that like him was DI conceived. Whether that makes it easier for either of them is unclear but if they both stay in this school they will be able to have each other to turn to for the next 6 years if they ever questions that their parents can't answer or if they choose not to pose to us.

In our last neighborhood we knew one or two kids who were DI conceived to single moms. This child is the first he's met, or we've met, who has two moms.

My wife was the first to introduce ourselves to one of this child's moms. I guess, knowing that families and their structures are a major part of this kindergarten's curriculum she wanted to say hello to this family and let them know that their son is not alone.

When I formally met this mom I indicated meeting other DI parents was new for us. This mom like me is the social parent and from what my wife told me we are the first heterosexual couple she has met that used DI. I somehow felt compelled to disclose this blog and how I had spent the last two years writing it and being totally absorbed by this stuff.

Anyhow it gives me some comfort to know there is another kid nearby that is more like my son than either of them even know......for now.

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Bea said...

As you say, it's a support network, if ever they need it. Good things to know.