Monday, December 19, 2011

Post Secret: Sperm Donor via One Night Stand

One of this blog’s most viewed posts involved a December 2008 postcard that was posted on the popular Post Secret website. That post card was submitted by a donor conceived individual who was envious of adopted individuals because their fathers had not “jacked off in a cup for money”.

The below post card was published this evening, 12/17/2011, on Post Secret, and was mailed in by a man who apparently was chosen for a one night stand with the goal of effectively becoming a sperm donor by a woman whose husband could not naturally have kids. I am sure the child conceived by this IUI would be equally not thrilled to learn their conception story if they ever learned it.

Certainly looking at this post card from the point of view of an infertile husband, this brings out many of the fears that DI Dads have that their spouse would turn to another man sexually to create a child. For all he knows the wife, if she has chosen this path, might even let the husband think it is his child, until the truth would come out, via blood works or blood tests of some nature.

Granted while technically this post card details a donor conception, this scenario is not legally a legitimate donor situation and could lead to all sorts of custody and paternity issues, if and when, reality is confronted. But as a DI Dad as soon as I read this card all sorts of issues popped into my mind.


Somewhat Ordinary said...

This secret made me all sorts of uncomfortable when I read it the other day. I'm the mother of a DC child and it made me angry at the woman on the other side of this situation. It made me sad for the clueless father and child. I guess in my head I knew there were people like this, but my heart didn't want to believe someone would actually go through with it. Such a mess!

Unknown said...

I wrote this secret.
So long ago.

If there is any regret it's that I lost contact with her not long after she showed me the pictures.

I always wondered if...

Anonymous said...

This is my secret.

Anonymous said...

This is my secret.