Friday, July 17, 2020

I Wish Statement # 2

So I was asked by Miss.Conception Coach to submit another whiteboard "I Wish" statement. This was my first thought. It was not directly infertility related, despite my still being infertile, but it's what came to mind. My kids are teens so far past the TTC stage. Thought this was the more appropriate audience for it.

I try to tell families TTC that the experiences and mindsets of each DCP I meet or speak to vary with each person's life story and life path. For some, as we all know by following various posts here, learning your conception story later in life is sometimes a challenge and leads to more emotional questions. For others it's more theoretical. It runs the gamut of reactions. Even when kids know their story from birth it does not mean as young adults or later in life they won't question the use of DC family building methods, or will or will not want or need to learn more about their donors.

I counsel TTC families that they need to look at the use of donor conception methods from all perspectives and that they need to address the tougher questions and possibilities in order to make informed decisions and to be supportive of their child's rights and feelings.

But again this "I Wish" statement was the whiteboard statement that I posted and submitted upon request. What would be your "I Wish" statement?

If you are open to it I'd like to publish a few on my IG account either anonymously or with simply a first name so others can see the wishes you put forth.

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