Friday, April 21, 2006

Being Public

I was asked today why would I be public as to our using DI and putting my name out there via interviews, this blog, and various online discussion groups and bulletin boards. The simple answer is education.

My goals at this point are to educate others that while there may be parties disagreeing as to the use of DI the issue should not be hidden in the closet perpetuating the stigmas attached leading to embarrassment and pain to all parties involved. Years ago the issue of adoption was an unspoken topic which brought shame to the adopting families and the adopted individuals themselves. Today adoption is no longer addressed in whispers and is seen as a viable, socially acceptable alternative to families wishing to have children.

By being public I hope to move DI forward such that the public can accept DI as it has accepted adoption. Yes there are many issues to discuss (and perhaps disagree with) but without bringing the issue into the public eye no discussions can take place.

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MAX said...

While adoption is generaly more accepted probably due to the fact that it is more common, there is I believe a similar backlash from adoptees at the moment in regards to the practice as there is with DI children.

I think the main hurdle associated with DI is what constitutes a family. What is one's definition of being a father ?

You'll find as many different answers as there are different people.

Nowadays fathers are more involved with cooking, cleaning, taking care of children than they were say 50 years ago so fatherhood is changing from just being the procreator and money earner to a more involved family member.

The shame associated with DI is partly due to the secrecy brought on originally by the medical entities involved in the process and also by the accusatory finger pointing by those who are opposed to such practice.

Such resentment in some part of the community will only succeed in pushing DI further under a veil of secrecy.