Friday, April 07, 2006

DI Dads Speak Out

I have created but have not activated a new Blog titled DI Dads Speak Out. The idea is to invite a number of the Yahoo Discussion Group DI Dads to put another public face on our side of the story. Yes this might dilute my own readership and yes there are two other TTC DI blogs currently out there but this would present multiple opinions at once that might interesting to see.

The long term goal is turn the posts into a book that could perhaps help other Dads who don't use the Internet or would want something to refer to at their leisure without turning on their PCs.

I am unsure if I will activate the ability for viewers to leave comments and am leaning strongly against as this is a forum to present views not debate them. I am not looking for these men to be badgered as many comments seem to be used.

I was not sure how the group would react. So far a few of the Yahoo DI Dads are interested. I am not sure how the rest of the group feels about the idea. Given that they each can be posted under psuedonyms I think at least a few more will join in who otherwise would not go public. The idea is that I would occasionally present a topic and then perhaps three (3) members would each draft their views independently which I would post simultaneously for viewers to see the similarities and differences of opinion.

I am thinking that posts would only be added on a weekly basis so as to not overload anyone and to give this version of a multi contributor blog time to grow.

Good idea or bad?

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