Thursday, July 20, 2006

Donor Sues Sperm Bank Over Alleged Videotaping


"PASADENA -- A man is suing a Pasadena fertility center, claiming they secretly videotaped him masturbating in a sperm donation room and engaged in a cover-up when he complained, his attorney announced Wednesday.

The 28-year-old man filed the lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court against Pacific Reproductive Services. He said after he discovered the small camera hidden above the ceiling and informed the center's staff, they refused to file a police report. "

At first you want to believe that this is some small fly by night sperm bank but according to the Donor Sibling Registry there are 221 offspring registered as being created from sperm from this bank. Note that is the DSR registered count not the count of all kids created through the services provided by this site. When individuals like me cry for reform the benefits would not only run to the families contracting for services but presumably to the donors as well if the standarads of model behavior for the clinics include such provisions.

The sad thing for all parties is that if such tapes were made public it would reinforce the negative stigma of DI and traumatize any individuals whopse donors were captured on film. Certainly for opponents of DI it would be a bounty to demoralize potential donors of fears of this could happen to you.

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