Thursday, July 20, 2006

New Donor Conceived Blog

As described by the blogger and the blog's own description:

"Thoughts of donor conception practices from a donor offspring whose views changed dramatically once he had children of his own. This event has lead me on a quest to find my true identity, heritage, family health history and genetic relations (both donor and siblings), for myself and for my children."

This blog is brand spanking new with only one post under it's belt. Like the other donor conceived blogs I have highlighted this one is also from Australia, in this case South Australia, Adelaide per the profile.

Other than a rare exception (Lindsay from here in the States) I have found that the majority of the vocal DC individuals out there blogging to be from Australia. I can surmise that is due to the long history of donor anonymity and doctor / clinic controlled DI procedures which was prevalent in the UK, New Zealand and Canada. All in contrast to the consumerist USA where many have complete medical and social bios of the donor's.

So far Damianhadams has confirmed the comments of most of his donor conceived generation. What will differentiate this blog will be his comments as a father and tat he is man bloging on this topic.

My purpose in focusing on his blog is again not to put it forward as gospel that all donor conceived share these feelings but to make known they exist and to further my own education as a social parent of DI kids we brought into this world.


whosedaughter said...

Hi Eric...
I'm an American DCP blogger :)

DI_Dad said...

And I knew that too. My brain is slipping. I will add you to my links hopefully this evening /morning.

Regards, Eric

S said...

I am a DC adult here in the U.S.. I am so glad to see more blogs out on the topic. I have done some research on ART and am undertaking more. Would it be possible to use your blog or contact you as a source? I would like all perspectives. You are welcome to contact me as well via my blog: .

Rebecca Symes

DI_Dad said...

Rebecca -

Feel free to contact me through the email adress available through my profile. I apologize as I just found your posted comment and I will check out your blog.

- Eric