Wednesday, July 05, 2006

"I Saw Your Article"

We recently moved into a new apartment and we are meeting new people quite often. On July 4th we were invited to a neighbors apartment in our building which we happily accepted. On entering the apartment our hostess greeted me by stating she had seen my article.

Now my first reaction sarcasticaly (to myself) is great someone I am just meeting and she now knows about my infertility and that we used DI to create our kids. Not that I am ashamed of these facts but my first thoughts (due to the off color humor of my high school friends) is that this woman read about the state of my private parts when I was born as mentioned in the USA today article. I nodded and continued into her apartment and had a lovely time socializing before I had to leave.

I brought up this exchange and my thoughts to my wife and stated that I was unsure whether this neighbor was referring to the USA today story or perhaps a letter to the editor of our local paper in regards to expanding the hours of our library branch. It turns out this neighbor was referring to the latter letter and not USA Today but it was an amusing reaction on my part. Vanity meets embarrassment. I am just glad I did not say anything at that time.

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Stork Stalking said...

:) Now that DH and I have been introduced to the wonderful world of infertility, and article, news story, and website/blog about fertility issues, and donor issues instantly catches our attention... and stays with us... in our life before... it was just a passing topic, that we didn't think about. Your new neighbor may have seen, read and even commented on your DI story... but it didn't stick... but hours at the library... NOW that is in her world :)
But when someone does notice you from an article... take special care... there is probably some reason that you and your story stuck with them... even if they do not share it with you :)