Saturday, July 22, 2006

New Website Resource: Talking to Children about Assisted Reproductive Technology

I just found tonight a new website resource for families addressing the issues surrounding disclosure and openness. In my personal view this site is a great addition to this issue. The website was created by the folks over at the Harvard Medical School Center for Mental Health and Media (a division of the psychiatry department at Massachusetts General Hospital) with the input of many individuals linked to on the site.

Talking to Children about Assisted Reproductive Technology

The site is a mix of audio and printable transcripts of discussions held with families of different age children and young adults discussing their feelings about disclosure / openess.

Except for limited web pages on the various National infertility support groups there has been scant attention paid, here in the United States, to the issues confronting parents of donor conceived children especially that of disclosure. Homegrown organizatons like the Donor Sibling Registry have done wonders to fill that void but lack the resources to address this issue as this site does.

I learned of this new site via a post on the DSR Yahoo Group discussion board. I have been quite impressed with the British based Donor Conception Network's "Telling and Talking" series of pamphlets and I expect this site to add another great resource to this area of discussion that will address it perhaps with the issues affecting parents in the United States a bit more directly.

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