Thursday, December 07, 2006

Mary Cheney's DI Baby - Who's the Father ?

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I was recently asked if anyone knew of celebrities who have used DI to create their families. The only male celebrity I knew of that publicly acknowledged his infertility was Tom Arnold. I have no idea if he has kids to be honest much less if they were donor conceived.

Apparently the newest political jokes involve Vice President Cheney's daughter becomming pregnant via donor insemination and the shame (in the eyes of others) it has brought her parents. Reportedly the VP and his wife are looking forward to the birth of this grandchild. For those of you who care and are not aware Mary Cheney is a lesbian and in a commited relationship with her partner who under VA law will have no legal relationship to the child.

Back to the joke reference. Up until now celebrity news re DI focused on David Crosby being the biological father to Melissa Etheridge's child. But now people are joking who the bio father could be of Mary Cheney's child. No news has come out yet whether they selected a known donor or an anonymous one but I am sure the press will soon dig up this personal fact and let us all know in the interests of national security.

In all seriousness congratulations to the parents to be.


biodad said...

I can't believe you would still be congratulating them especially if they turned out to have purposefully used an anonymous donor!

biodad said...

If you want my current views on this issue go to my blog:

DI_Dad said...

Michael - Without looking for any debate. My answer for congratulating them is quite simple. Their choice was already made and a new life has been created. To condemn them at all(which appears to be what you are leaning towards)is not my nature and serves no purpose. I'll visit your blog to read your views but will not respond to any further discussion left here in that direction. - Eric

biodad said...

Eric, Correct me if I am wrong, but aren't you the guy who went to a forum on DC issues and was deeply moved by the unhappiness of several young adults who were unable to connect with their biological (REAL!) fathers because their donors had requested anonymity.
And yet in your post here you seem to be tacitly approving of donor anonymity.
Either you are a hypocrite or you have forgotten how moved you were.
Please explain your true position on donor anonymity.