Friday, December 01, 2006

Experimental Kids & The Seminal Search

no. 300

Three Donor Conception related articles:

Experimental Kids
World Magazine
December 9, 2006
Lynn Vincent

"Family: It’s a brave new world of alternative family models, but some “lopsided” children are beginning to speak out about what they missed growing up"

The Seminal Search
The Australian
December 2, 2006
Stephen Lunn

"Children of sperm donors in Australia are searching for their biological fathers, trying to learn more about their genealogical origins."

Lesbian Mother's Custody is Denied
The Philadelphia Enquirer
December 1, 2006
Associated Press

"The county judge had determined that Jones was preferable after comparing the two women's "psychological profiles" and because Boring Jones had tried to cut off Jones' contact with their sons."

"Jones' lawyer, Alphonso B. David, said the ruling demonstrated that custody can be shifted away from biological parents without necessarily having to prove they are unfit."


Neither of the first two articles present anything new from my point of view. The first article presents the experiences of the child of a single mother here in the United States. The second does address children born into a married opposite sex couple. I found this term interesting as I had not seen it written this way before. Both are worth reading.

The third article is to yet another case involving same sex mothers who eventually split and each file for custody. I found it interesting only due to the comment quoted above by the non-bio mother's lawyer.

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