Thursday, November 30, 2006

Looking in NYC for Donor Conceived Kids for Playdates?

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Just under three months ago I published a post with this same goal: to locate other donor conceived children in NYC for periodic playdates with my children. I received no responses. It's not to hard to accept that answer as this blog is not widely read as compared to other blogs.

But at the same time this is a city where the population is approximately 8.1 million individuals. Statistically there must be a number of children conceived via donor sperm or donor eggs. Therefore somewhere in this city must be children whose conception story mirrors that of my own kids. I wonder if it will take an ad in the newspapers to find them. I am guessing the ad rates in Metro and amNew York are cheaper than the NY Times. I'd actually start with the tabloid Big Apple Parent I suppose. Or maybe Go City Kids or Time Out New York Kids.

As much as I find posting messages on the Yahoo discussion groups rewarding I'd like to sit in a room and speak live and in person to other parents who are like us. But how do you find a group of married parents who will speak publicly on a topic where the majority of heterosexual couples hide this story?

This could be interesting.


Gil said...

Hmm, really good question Eric. Where to find these parents if they're not forthcoming about their method of conception?

I know my husband and I would love to get together with other couples in the donor "boat," just to chat and know that someone else understands. Unfortunately, New York isn't around the corner from us, but hey, a road trip isn't out of the question!

Here's hoping that you locate a few other couples willing to get together with you and your wife. Do keep us posted.

katty said...

Have you thought about posing this question on the Donor Sibling Registry as well to see if you get a response? The DCN in the UK has get togethers, and I know of two groups for single mothers with DC children in the UK.
Do you think like minded UK citizens would be reading the DCN pages? Perhaps you could ask if you could put up a notice there?
I hope to find a similar community of children for my children. I think they will feel less isolated if they know other kids in their position and are able to grow up with them and perhaps exchange anxieties and experiences as they get older....

katty said...

That should read 'like minded US citizens' not UK citizens.