Saturday, November 04, 2006

Britain's Sperm Crisis: Call Up Our Boys

no. 287

November 5, 2006
The Independent
Britain's sperm crisis: call up our boys
By Marie Woolf, Political Editor

What I found most interesting about this article in the UK newspaper The Independent is not so much the idea of "recruiting" service personnel to donate sperm or to freeze their own before going off to war but the idea of bartering free IVF cycles for the healthy sperm of men who are trying to conceive with their wives when their issues are female centered.

It's interesting and scary as it can create the cruel result of creating children by a husband yet if his / their own IVF cycles fail the couple itself can remain childless.


Anonymous said...

I guess in some ways the problems parallel those found with egg sharing schemes in the UK.


Elle said...

I've been (mis)quoted in this article and, as journalists sometimes do, they left some other information out.

I agree with you that 'sperm sharing' - like egg sharing - has the potential to be very cruel.

It may be a good thing but ONLY if there is proper implication counselling. No matter how you call it, coercion is involved and this is not something you want to regret later on in life.

Unfortunately, the proper counselling is not always in place...