Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Yahoo DI Dads Discussion Group Marks 100th Member

no. 295


This afternoon I approved the membership request of a gentleman who became the 100th current member of the DI Dads Yahoo discussion group. For a group of 100 men to come together in one forum to discuss an issue as personal as their own infertility is truly amazing. Some members along the way have left for various reasons, so in truth this is probably not the actual 100th approved membership, but it is the first time that the group stands at 100 which is quite cool.

The group was started, in Aug/Sep 2005, by a former sperm donor who saw a need and invited me to join him, with me at first moderating the group and later he ceded ownership of it to me. Today I announced the 100th current member in message post 729 to the group. Thanks Mark for the start.

There have been a few interesting moments regarding the topics of discussion but in all cases the men have been great about opening up and sharing their fears, thoughts, and concerns.

I believe I am actually prouder to be a member of that group than I am of my keeping this blog going for the about the same amount of time. I started here in August 2005 as well.

I am not sure statistically if you can extrapolate how many DI Dads must be out there but if anyone figures it out please let me know.


Gil said...

Thank you Eric for letting my husband and I know about the DI Dads group. I'm so glad he has that resource available to him.

Now then, the more important question is... do we get special kudos, lovin', babydust, or anything else cause my hubby's the 100th? Ah, a girl can hope, right?


DI_Dad said...

Unfortunately I can't promise magic baby dust due to his being the 100th current member but I can offer advice of one that's been there and dealing with MFI for 10 + years and has come out on the other side with two cute kids.

As you already know no process down this road is easy but at least the Internet has allowed folks like us to provide each other support along the way.

- Eric