Tuesday, November 07, 2006

A Decrease in Male Written Male Factor Infertlity Blogs....

no. 288

I am beginning to see that for a few of the male written MFI blogs the bloggers have either stopped writing altogether or the posts are few and far between.

Part of the attrition is due to the emotional whallop that writing does take. For some the experience is cathartic for others it is draining. For some there is a point where the blogger says what am I getting out of this other than constant reminders of the issue at hand. I will admit keeping a blog current is tough work as I am sometimes hard pressed to put something new to "paper" myself. Max, if you are out there I wish you the best as I have not heard from you, on all fronts, in quite some time and I hope you are OK.

For other couples the drop in MFI related blogs is due to successes (or what I am guessing is success as the blogs just stopped at positive early pregnancy tests). I am obviously quite happy for these men and their wives but what's interesting is that their success are leading to a downturn in the number of male written infertility blogs. Not that I am looking for other families to have such issues to just find new blogs written by men but it does leave a vaccuum for those looking for that perspective.

So when I hear and see new male written MFI blogs I will try to highlight them......and if anyone hears of new male written DI / DE related blogs please let me know.....


Anonymous said...

Smarshy isn't MFI or donor conception but he is a bloke.



DD said...

Unfortunately, what you have described happens to many female bloggers as well, especially for those who find themselves well into a seemingly uncomplicated pregnancy. I've seen many post a birth story and say they are done writing in the same breath because they think the journey is over. To me, if you are living, the journey continues and there's always something to say.

MAX said...


Just to reassure you, I am Ok, I just don't have much inspiration at the moment, not enough in any case to continue on blogging. There is just too much happening right now and I'm not even talking about IVF, perhaps when some things improve, I will decide to jump back on my soapbox but at this point in time, I am doing a crash course in "how to multi task bad news while staying sane at the same time".
Having said that I'm well and I try to keep my sense of humour..it could be worse...right ?! ;)