Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Fairfax Donor 1084 Update - Restrictions Imposed

no. 289

According to posts I have seen on the Yahoo DSR related discussion groups and at least one Donor 1084 mom's blog it appears that Fairfax has decided to limit access to the remaining vials of this donor to families looking to conceive siblings for existing children. A second Donor 1084 mom's blog reports no such confirmation but for her correspondence with Donor 1084 mom #1.

My understanding is that little or no explaination is being offered (beyond that another mom reported that her child conceived from 1084 also shared a skin condition) and thereforethe vials are restricted and being offered only to existing families.

It would appear that when enough noise is made [whether it be in the media or perhaps other avenues (recall Mom vs. NECC) ) that results in some measure can be achieved in some measure.

Reform is needed folks and the public must be involved in the process. I am not saying the banks should be excluded from the table as all sides need to be in agreement to make any reform work but steps are needed and we need to take them sooner than later so other children don't have to go through such pain and struggle.

[Note: I edited paragraph 3 slightly].


whosedaughter said...

Why does it seem that only the pain and struggles invovled in medical setbacks are considered legitimate but not the emotional or identity struggles? Is it ONLY medical concerns that are worthy of our empathy and demand for reform? This is really just a rhetorical question.

DI_Dad said...

It's a valid point. The emotional and identity issues shoudl have as much weight to the discussion.

And an example of why only when all DC related constituencies join together do I believe we will ever get reform. I am not saying we will all agree as to whether DC should be allowed to continue or not but that at least we can change the current system so mre donor conceived have more answers and more protections.