Sunday, November 12, 2006

And Then There Was Only One DI Dad Blog....

no. 291

Well it is now official that I am again all alone in the blog-0-sphere as the only man maintaining a blog about donor conception. That I know of anyway.

Max over at Diaries of a Hopeful Dad (The Adventures of Dynamo Dad) informed me off line that which most of us figured out that his blog is on hiatus. His last post was in August. As I mentioned earlier this week this a tough topic to keep going at when you are trying to conceive. Vee, Max's wife, is still maintaining her blog The Sweet Life and folks should make sure to stop in often to offer support on their continuing and hopefully short term journey.

On the flip side Richard from The End of My Line? has also suspened service over at his blog due to the happy news and events leading up to his and his wife's eventual delivery of DI conceived twins. His wife up to recently was having a rough pregnancy and things seem sto calming down as I understand she has headed back to work and is feeling better. We all look forward to Richard at least posting another entry when the children arrive complete with photos if that is possible.

I am saddened by each of these men leaving but fully understand where they both are at having been at both places myself. I first learned of my infertility in 1995, our first IVF / ICSI procedure was in early 1999 and our first child was not born until the Spring of 2002.

To deal with the topic of male factor infertility on varying levels for seven years before our son arrived was quite tough. There are many folks out there whose cycle count exceeds our own and the toll that takes monetarily much less emotionally is intense. So I can appreciate the different methods people use to deal with it on their own terms.

So again if anybody hears or sees a male written donor conception blog please let me know.


Elle said...

Like you, I'm saddened to see them leave but I can understand why.

I'm not surprised you can't find 'male blogs'. One the main issues with recruiting sperm donors in the UK is that men don't like to talk about it. Therefore not many realise how it affects people and what a difference it can make.

Again understandable, but not helpful.

biodad said...

hi eric
i haven't been posting on my (autobio)blog since april because of business commitments but hope to recommence soon. are not alone
- michael

biodad said...

also, think you must have forgotten about damian's 'donated generation'blog?

DI_Dad said...

Michael -

To be honest my intent was in regards to the social fathers or men whose family may be created via DI.

But my opening paragraph does simply refer to men writing about donor conception so you and Damian would apply but as of now both of your blogs have been relatively inactive.

I heard about the December 6 event titled DONOR CONCEPTION: ADULT RIGHTS vs CHILDREN'S NEEDS. My only question is besides yourself and Ms. Walker is anyone discussing the issue from my side of the issue? The title implies a two sided discussion so I was curious. If there is a transcript ever created I'd be interested to read it.

Be well.


biodad said...

No, Eric, my daughter and I will be addressing the issue primarily from our own personal experiences.
However, for my own part, I can't see how I can be discussing the negation of fatherhood entailed by DI without reflecting on how the proponents of DC attempt to obliterate the biological parent in favour of the social parent. So, yes, your side of the issue will perforce be addressed, at least from my perspective.
I believe the transcripts of our talks will indeed be published in the near future by the Australian Rationalist Society.
Also, re blogs: you might be interested to know that I am about to start posting on my new blog which is a polemical complement to my (autobio)blog.You will find it at:

damianhadams said...

Eric and Michael,

my blog is still going. I just try and restrict what I write to some of the issues I fee important at the time. I'm less likely to post small thoughts. I have just added a new post on the way in which we tell donor conceived children. I presented this at a conference that was attended by donors, recipients, offspring and clinics, and I was surprised at how well it was received. But if anyone has anything they would like me to write about to get another perspective then by all means fire away.

best wishes