Tuesday, December 26, 2006

One DI Related Column - Many Shadings

no. 318

During the past week Ellen Goodman of the Washington Post Writers Group published her syndicated column which included a piece which focused partially on donor conception and which began by looking at the Mary Cheney - Heather Poe pregnancy which supposedly was conceived using anonymous donor sperm. What I find amazing is how the editors of the papers running this column all shade and color the story by their choice of column titles.

Now as I always wonder would this story have been raised to this level if the Vice President had a son who together with his wife chose to use DI? Who am I kidding we would never have known unless that son and his wife were brave enough to be public about it.

If anybody found another version of the Goodman column not mentioned below please let me know in the comments section. I am sure Ms. Goodman is syndicated in more papers than I have included below.

TruthDig - 12/20/2006
"Who's Your Daddy?"
postwritersgroup.com - 12/21/2006
Concord Monitor - 12/21/2006
Arizona Daily Star - 12/22/2006

"Figure in the father factor"
The Boston Globe - 12/22/2006

"Looking for Mr. Right donor"
The Seattle Times - 12/22/2006

"Sperm donors are still biological dads"
Lawrence Journal World - 12/23/2006

"Whose your daddy? Children have the right to know"
Utica Observer Dispatch - 12/24/2006

"Donation isn't enough for the child created"
The Topeka Capital - Journal - 12/24/2006

"Cheney pregnancy raises disclosure expectations"
Kansas City Star - 12/24/2006

"However it arrives, one person's DNA is another person's 'dad'"
Pioneer Press (Twin Cities) - 12/24/2006

"Mary's having a baby"
The Buffalo News - 12/25/2006

Indianapolis Star - 12/25/2006

"There are consequences with 'donor dads'"
The Baxter Bulletin online - 12/26/2006


Stork Stalking said...

I just wanted to wish you and your family a Happy New Year! I hope you are enjoying the Holidays. Thank you for continuing this Blog. I read it every day. I am sure there are many other lurking too. Thank you for putting all of this information together for us.
I really feel that all of this publicity that is being driven up, around the VP's daughter's pregnancy... will make MANY people realize how common DI is. I hope this leads to more open discussions, and more acceptance.
Please don't stop Blogging. I don't know what we would do without you :)
~ Gabby

DI_Dad said...

Gabby - Thanks for the kind words. I agree this pregnancy does bring the issue back into the news and the more often it is in the news the more likely individuals and the news media will be to address deeper issues on the topic and recognize the frequency of DI's usage.

Additional column title:

Children have the right to know
Herald Tribune - 12/27/2006