Monday, August 15, 2005

Am I thinking too much? Why so many blogs?

My wife commented when she read this blog for the first time that I must really be bothered by the whole DI thing. I am not sure I am or not. I am not even sure why I am blogging on this topic. I guess since I started the blog I am interested in documenting what is like from my perspective. If not just for myself perhaps for others who want to know or are curious. Nothing has happened to cause these thoughts to surface other than everyday occurences.

My children are healthy, normal kids and I love them more than anything. I could not imagine loving them any more if they were biologically my own.

I have found myself looking online for other sites dealing with this issue. I guess where I equate DI with a adopting half of my kid I am concerned whether there really is a stigma attached to DI as the topic even comes up rarely in discussions dealing with infertility. That is what I am concerned with. I don't want that stigma being attached to my children and I want to explore my reactions to ensure it doesn't attach from any actions I take or from anything external to our household.

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Marty said...

I could not imagine loving them any more if they were biologically my own.

The more pointed question may very well be, "can you imagine them loving you any more, if they WERE your biologically related children?"

Blood being thicker than water, i imagine you can, and that may explain the need to hammer things out here.