Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Donor match on DSR...but no contact info found.

Last night I was able to post the births of my two kids to the DSR. I was quite excited to do so as I had seen the night before another child listed for the same donor number. When I finally got back on the site and clicked into the profile for the parent listing this child I was disappointed to see no contact e-mail address. So now it is up to this parent to contact me regarding my posting if they are looking for that contact between their daughter and my kids. No rush. Just surprised that's all.


Janice said...

I found your blog posted on the donor sibling website. It's late and I don't have time to read it now, but I printed it out and will read it tomorrow on my way to work. I am always interested in personal stories. I do work in an IVF clinic and when our patients have chosen donor eggs or sperm profiles, I have often wondered what goes through their minds and how they decide on a profile. I had a failed IVF attempt myself and was offered donor eggs. My husband and I immediately refused and I regret that decision. I think we were in so much emotional pain at the time, that we weren't thinking clearly.
Anyway, thanks for sharing your experience and good luck with your blog!
Janice Grimes

Mark Klein, M.D. said...

Came across your blog googling for psychologist Peggy Wexler.

Your posting suggests the donor father could track you down as well through the registry?

My email is

Best of luck.

DI_Dad said...

Mark -
Depends what you consider tracking down. A donor can register himself on the DSR and then search the listing for children registered under his same donor number. Registrants can provide contact info. In my case their is only a yahoo email account address. No physical address or phone information.
- di_dad