Tuesday, August 09, 2005

How I learned of my infertility problem.....

About 6 months before we were to be married I went to a urologist as I thought I had discovered a lump in my scrotum and I was concerned that it might be cancerous. Turns out it was nothing. After examining me the doctor indicated that I should have a sperm count test as one of my testes was smaller than the other and he wanted to see if that had an effect on my production of sperm.

The results of the test was that my sperm count was so low that there were virtually none. Diagnosis: Azoospermia.

What hurt more was that this urologist who I picked merely because he was covered by medical insurance plan had no compassion and basically said I should forget about ever having kids naturally. My heart immediately sunk. My fiance almost jumped across the desk to kill this guy but restrained herself.

After we went back to my apartment and after she left for her own apartment I wept uncontrollably for what seemed like an hour or more. Later that day I offered my fiance the chance to back out before we were married as I knew kids were something she wanted too. Lucklily for me she did not.

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