Friday, August 19, 2005

Contact made with half sibling

Last night we received an email from the mother of the child who apparently is the half sibling of our two kids. Like us she did not expect to find via the DSR half siblings so soon. My response was after we tried to initiate contact we ourselves thought we were perhaps moving too fast as the concept of a sibling actually existing had not yet fully sunken in.

Continued contact will be at a pace set by both families and privacy maintained regarding personal info. I plan to still record my own thoughts here in this blog as this is an exciting development BUT with the goal of not violating my promise to maintain privacy for the sake all of the kids.


Julia said...

When you both feel a bit more comfortable I DO suggest exchanging snail mail addresses as e-mail is fleeting, IMHO.

After our match families had corresponded a bit and exchanged photos (it was a flurry at first) we exchanged addresses and phone numbers. Now we correspond primarily though e-mail a few times per year. We have formed a closer realtionship with one family that lives about 1.5 hrs away. We talk about once a month and we've gotten together about 5 times in the last year +. I think the main reason is that the other Mom and I ahve lots in common and because we live relatively close by we CAN decide to have them for my daughters b-day party etc...

I applaud you for making contact! Its rare that a hetero family seeks out sibs. In my expereince its mostly SMC (single mothers by choice) and lesbian couples who are seeking siblings. I'm afraid that many hetero families still don't tell their children so GOOD FOR YOU!

DI_Dad said...

IMHO? Internet Messages HO ? Thanks for the encouragement. My wife and I don't believe in keeping too many secrets of this nature if we can help it. I am the family historian in my family and I already know too much stuff (similar topics) that I am forbidden by my dad to discuss with the parties involved. As a result my wife and I just feel full disclosure is better as early as it makes sense to do so.

To be honest I am not yet sure how to explain the half sib stuff to my son and also want to be in agreement with the half sibs family as to how its done so both sides have same info.