Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Books about explaining DI to a child.....

This evening I found a link on the Donor Sibling Registry site to another site where they are selling a line of books geared to explaining conception and birth to kids born via various ART techniques, being donor spem, egg, IVF etc. The site is XY and Me and the blog is Wishing for a Baby. Apparently the author is a nurse who works in an infertility clinic. I plan on buying the book for DI tomorrow.

The only book we have is Let Me Explain: A Story About Donor Insemination which we found engaging but for an age range of about 6-10 which is much older than my 3 year old. Sadly I just learned via this link that the publisher stopped printing it based on low demand and specifically per their site because "so few families seem to be intending to disclose to their children their donor conception (despite strong recommendations from professionals) we are unable to justify reprinting this book."

The only other book I have seen regarding explaining DI in a real simple fashion was published as a softcover book and was titled "My Story" and was illustrated as a storybook written from the child's perspective and was published in 1991 by the Infertility Research Trust together with the University Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at the Jessop Hospital for Women in Sheffield England. It was wonderfully illustrated by Julie Heath. I only saw this as the therapist I was working with before our kids were born let me borrow her copy for a time in order to copy it. If I find a link to any further about this book I will post it later.

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Julia said...

The My Story books are going out of print. Contact Admin@InfertilityNetwork.org to see if there are any left.