Sunday, April 08, 2007

"All About Me" New BBC Drama Exploring Donor Conception, The Search For Identity, And The Nature Of Family

no. 351

The above named drama will premier on Friday April 20th On BBC 1 At 2.05pm.

Medical News Today
Article Date: 03 Apr 2007 - 11:00 PDT

"ALL ABOUT ME by Malcolm Campbell explores donor insemination, genetic inheritance and the damage of secrets and lies.

The drama was inspired by recent changes in the laws regarding donor anonymity for sperm and egg donors. Donor conceived children now have the right [in the UK] to trace their donor parents, just as adopted children do."

"ALL ABOUT ME comes from triple BAFTA award-winning indie Resource Base, commissioned by BBC Education and BBC Daytime in a first co-production."

If anyone can secure a copy of this drama or provide a review once it airs I'd be interested to hear about it. We have yet to see a serious take on donor conception on TV or in the movies here in the US. It is presumed that the Vanessa William movie will be more serious than "Made in America" ever was but is still being promoted as less than a hard core drama from what I have seen.


DI_Dad said...

COMMENT ADDED ON BEHALF OF OLIVIA MONTUSCHI (a mom and one of the founders of the Donor Conception Network):

Incidentally, with regard to the previous post about the All About Me film, I have been advising on this and so has UK DonorLink. I have seen an almost complete cut of the film and think it's very good on the whole. There is some TV 'license' so to speak but it is generally nicely nuanced with a very accurate range of feelings reflected. I think parents will like it.....


Unknown said...

I'm scared. That's all I can say about it.

Stateside, I don't believe that there is a stereotype applied to the donor conceived children. A television show or movie could saddle us with a stereotype real quick. That bugs the hell out of me.

>> MYTHS >> must read >> said...

The donation of sperm and egg is human trafficking. And the donor-conceived are the only peer group who are expected to put up with compulsory absentee parents. Indeed, this (mal)-pracrise is inevitably in contravention of several Human Rights Acts.